Chi The Power Within ~ by Geoff Pike
In 1975, while living in the Philippines, I was found to have cancer. Today, at age of sixty-four, I am fit, healthy and great believer in the breathing exercises I have demonstrated in this book. I Have no way of proving how much their daily practice had to do with my recovery buy I do know that they have given me a new outlook and renewed vitality.

The shock of this news came at a time when I have reached a robust middle age and was enjoying the fruits of a successful career, an exciting if somewhat vagabond lifestyle and a tranquil marriage that gave me everything to live for. It caused me to look back at my life and wonder where, when, why and how I had first yielded to this awful disease. The inexplicable carcinoma that modern science seems powerless to fathom, this disorderly ganging up of cells, strikes a dread as great as any human or inhuman treat. Yet we live with in every day of our lives, ignoring its victims unless they are close to us and even avoiding the very word that describes it. There is nothing else to be done. It is something, we feel sure, that is set aside for others, never for us.

Perhaps it is this terrible feeling of loneliness, this helplessness of being singled out for the worst of all punishments, that makes one take stock. It is amazing how quickly a lifetime can shrink and how insignificant its purpose can become. One thing, however, that must shine through is the realisation that we alone are responsible for our bodies and their continued performance. Our care or neglect and our knowledge of our physical and mental make-up can do much to decide the state of health we enjoy or endure, especially in later years.

If you are to take any notice of this book and follow its suggestions at all, you should probably know something about its author and the life he has led. This is an outline of the life I was forced to look back on when threatened with the possibility of its untimely end.

Geoff Pike
Murdock Books,
Tuttle Boston
Hardcover, 272 pg