The Second Sunrise ~ by Geoff Pike

It began among the mighty rivers and murderous pirate fleets of the South China Coast. One bid for greatness in the richest and most dangerous game on earth – the China Trade. From the opium taverns, gambling dens and bordellos of Macau’s violent waterfront to the decadence of Shanghai in the 1920s, Ben Deverill chases his father’s stolen dream.

The forbidden union between a woman of China and a Foreign Devil is unthinkable, its punishment cruel and final. But from the daring and devotion of such a love, Ben’s baby is born amidst violence and treachery behind the menacing walls of the Villa Formosa.

At a time when a female child’s only value is her virginity, the infant is taken to the sacred shine of the White Crane. There she grows to follow the way of the Tao – the pathway of the Second Sunrise.

In the tranquil grandeur of Central China’s mountain lakelands, a story of courage and treachery begins. Sold into slavery at the age of twelve, the girl carries with her the lethal secrets of the Crane, a spiritual blade yet to be drawn.

In the opium tavern of Cascading Jewels, she is taught the ancient rites of Divine Passion – the gift of the enchantress – which she gives willingly to only one man. When he is taken from her, only the promise of the Second Sunrise remains.

Her search for self-discovery leads from an idyllic love in the Residence of Eternal Peace to the desolation of an ill-fated marriage in the heart of rural England – and the child she dare not keep.

From the ruthless scramble of post-war Hong Kong, she pursues a vision that becomes reality through the serenity and wisdom of the Tao. But the height of success, even the glitter of Beverly Hills is not refuge from the monstrous force sworn to posses her soul.

Only when the Black Cobra is drawn from the debauchery and bedlam of Kowloon’s Walled City, and destroyed on the majestic peak of Lantau, only then can the full glory of the Second Sunrise light her way.
Geoff Pike
Angus & Robertson,
Pan Books
Hardcover, 250 pg