jack london
ost writers has a favorite author - the one they read the most when young and tried to learn from: For me it was always Jack London - he tried being taught to write but couldn't learn from someone else - his mind was in the snow-bound wilderness of Alaska with White Fang and the Call of The Wild. Like me, when he wanted to write about life at sea, he joined the crew of a tramp- steamer and lived it first: I don't think anyone can write about extremes of life unless they have lived them - hunger, thirst, bitter cold and searing heat, poverty, homelessness, solitude, serious danger, extreme violence, great joy or great sadness; these things cannot be guessed at or imagined as realistically as experiencing them.
y other great hero was Ernest Hemingway - when was a teenager at sea he was at his height as the world's greatest novelist. I wanted to write like him and live like him. I thought he had the best of life: a lovely old farm-house - La Finca - on a Cuban island. and a beautiful boat to fish the Gulf Stream: he got up at 6 am and wearing his dressing gown and German Gott Mittens belt, he wrote standing up at a lectern till 11 am. Then he had a swim in his pool, ate his breakfast and went fishing.
He fished big game and ate his favorite Bermuda onion sandwiches at the wheel of Pillar - got his exercise from landing record=breaking marlin, went home for his dinner and then to his favorite bar - The Floradita, There, he swapped yarns with the locals and drank Papa-Margaritas.

All his books gave him fame and fortune so he could do what he wished and go where he wanted - on safari in Africa or the Bull Fights in Spain ...Who knows how long he would have lived if he had access to the medication and treatment for depression we have today?
jack londonryce has been my friend and sometimes partner for 50 years, we have collaborated on creative projects of every kind over this time: from advertising commercials in the late 60s / 70s and 80s to the Yowies of the late 90s and well into the this century. We are still good mates and help each other on the work-in-progress when we need to. I don't know any one who works as hard as he does or who has helped more people to get where they are going in the world of books than he has.

I owe him my start as an author of both fiction and non - fiction - it was his generosity that found me my New York editor and that led to an American publisher and international success. He still works harder than anyone else I know but still has time for anyone who asks him for help ... Bryce Courtenay is in my opinion, an oil-well of energy that cant be capped. Thank Bwana...
ne of my favorite people happens to be a very famous writer - one who has made millions of people all over this world - 'SMILE'... even if they didn't want to. His name is 'BTG' - Bradley Trevor Grieve - better known for his little 'Blue-day Book' and dozens more. He is the alchemist of words: he digs deep for just the right weight, color and texture - throwing away the duds - choosing very few and only the rare, the true and the beautiful.

Each is carefully selected, cleaned, cut and polished as lovingly as any perfect gem. When he has enough, he sorts and assembles them in his own special way with all the craft and care of a master goldsmith. BTG has perfected the skill of communication through the dud words he throws out too make room for the words that 'SHINE' ...What you get from him is the finished jewel.